Now Get The Paper Stories Read To You As Part Of Your Alexa Flash Briefing

Now you can listen to current articles from The Paper 24/7 as part of your Google Alexa Flash Briefing as we are now one of the first community newspapers in the Houston-area to offer this free option to our readers!

THE WOODLANDS, TX/ SPRING, TX/ CONROE, TX/ NORTH HOUSTON, TX (November 30, 2017) - Now you can listen to current articles from The Paper 24/7 as part of your Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing on your Alexa enabled device (or your Alexa App Installation) and we are now one of the first newspapers in the Houston-area to offer this free option to our readers!  The Paper this morning released a Amazon Alexa Skill that you can access through the Alexa App.

You can use Amazon's Alexa voice assistant for a lot more than playing music or asking the weather. In fact, you can also use Amazon's smart voice assistant, which makes its home on the Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire Tablets and the Amazon Fire TV, to provide you with daily news briefings from popular news sources.

If you have an Amazon Echo, all you need to say is "Hey Alexa, what's the news?" You can also use other terms like "Hey Alexa, what's my flash briefing?" or Hey Alexa, what's new?"

There are a variety of news sources that will be pulled into your daily briefing.

To add The Paper Magazine to your skills list for Flash Briefing, go to the Alexa app's skills tab and tap "Skills". Search for "News" and then type in the search bar "The Paper Magazine" and tap it. Tap "enable skill" and then "manage in flash briefing". Make sure the skill is toggled on, and that it is in the correct order. Now ask your Alexa-enabled device "Alexa, flash briefing" or "Alexa, tell me the news", and it will read you news from The Paper Magazine.

Flash Briefing provides a quick overview of news and other content such as comedy, interviews, and lists that a customer discovers and enables in Skills section of the Alexa app. Customers receive their Flash Briefing by asking their Alexa-enabled device things like, “Alexa, give me my Flash Briefing” or “Alexa, tell me the news”. Alexa either reads text content or plays audio content that is provided by each enabled skill. Typically a Flash Briefing becomes a part of a customer’s daily routine as they get ready for work or school, or wind down after their day.

You can also enable the skill on all your Amazon Alexa devices by going to their skills store at: , and enabling it there .  The Paper Magazine skill is free.

Our Amazon Alexa Skill is just another way we bring current news to our coverage communities on a daily basis, keep reading us daily for news of other new features coming to The Paper to expand our coverage in 2018!


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