Drink With Love This Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost here! Don’t let the stress of shopping get you down – end the year on a positive note by giving gifts that put a smile on your friends and family’s faces and do some good for the world.

The holiday season is almost here! Don’t let the stress of shopping get you down – end the year on a positive note by giving gifts that put a smile on your friends and family’s faces and do some good for the world. Spread kindness and generosity with Love Bottle! Proudly made in the USA, Love Bottle is crafted with up to 40% recycled, eco-friendly glass. The handcrafted lid has two water droplets coming together to form a heart, and a raised heart on the chest serving as a reminder to always wear your heart out. When you take a sip, you’ll look through the mouth of the bottle and see that UR Loved. On a mission to reduce the use of single use plastic, Love Bottle is a friend to the environment and a positive voice for change!

With her journey in neuroscience and nutrition leading her to look for an easier way to improve health, founder Minna Yoo created Love Bottle. Believing that bringing love into our water experience can be powerful, each sip from a Love Bottle is an opportunity to change the way we feel and to remember the things that are most important in life. Proud to support over five USA manufacturers, you’ll be convinced that using glass feels good with Love Bottle!

This year, give gifts and give back at the same time with Love Bottle! Donating 5% of each purchase to Global Water, which helps communities get access to clean water, check out all the beautiful bottles with heart this holiday season:


  • Love Our Forests: Carry the magic of the forest with you in this eco-friendly bottle! Discover the spirit of trees and the several shades of green while you celebrate the beauty, stature and variety you would find in the woods.
  • Global Love Mint: Travel the world with this gorgeous Global Love Bottle! With “Love” spelled out in 38 different languages, it fills the heart and connects us from one corner of the world to the other.
  • Mandala: Throughout history, a mandala has been used as a meditative symbol. Whole and beautiful, it symbolizes serenity expressed using symmetrical, intricate art. Available in Red and Blue. 

This holiday season, celebrate the love through beautiful, beneficial Love Bottle! Shop the different designs online at https://www.lovebottle.com and select retailers across the nation. For more information, contact mackenzie@chicexecs.com.

Committed to giving back and helping people who need it, Love Bottle donates 5% of every purchase to Global Water. Helping to get clean water to people who need it, Global Water knows the devastating statistics on access to healthy drinking water. In this world, almost a billion people do not have access to clean water and have to walk hours a day for water. With the duty falling on girls and women who spend the day walking instead of going to school or working, Love Bottle wanted to lend a hand by helping a school in Guatamala with over 300 students install a clean water station. Now, they can attend school instead of walking for water. Clean water is a basic human right, and Love Bottle is dedicated to getting water to communities that need it.






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