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THE WOODLANDS, TX/ SPRING, TX/ CONROE, TX/ NORTH HOUSTON, TX (January 1, 2018) - 2018 will bring a lot of changes for The Paper.  As more print newspapers close their doors due to advertising losses, and re-imagine themselves as online-only publications, it is imperative that new directions be taken to assure survival. Community-focused publications have always depended on advertising and promotional services from local small businesses and services to finance free local news coverage for our regular readers and to pay operating expenses.  We are a locally-owned and operated publication, so in order to continue to publish our product, we have to bring in revenue.  Times have definitely changed, and so, the business model must also change.  

As of January 1, 2018, The Paper will introduce new ad/sponsorship opportunities that are designed to be more affordable and easy to set up and pay for on a piece meal or bundle basis.  Each opportunity we offer is designed from output we received from communicating with local businesses, services and clients, and their individual wants and needs.

The Paper has been published regularly for over nine years, and in 2017, had 3,568,037 Page Views, 312,889 Unique Visitors and 593,163 Visitors.  We have established ourselves as a free online publication dedicated to cover the community news of our coverage areas (The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe and North Houston areas) and our stories are frequently spotlighted by Google News as well as by local community rss feed publications such as BubbleLife.  Last month we launched an Alexa skill (available to activate for your you Alexa enabled device at: https://www.amazon.com/The-Paper-Magazine/dp/B078C8FLJ7/ref=sr_1_1?s=dig... ) so now The Paper's Spotlighted articles can be read to you as part of your daily briefing!

In 2018, when we receive a PR release submission, we will evaluate if it is considered a "PR Release" or an "Advertorial".  If it is deemed the submitted content is an "Advertorial", we will notify the submitter that we will be willing to publish it for a $25 per insertion fee (the fee will need to be paid in advance to our online Square account before the submission is published.  If you agree, we will send you an emailed invoice, which you would then pay online.)  We feel this "Advertorial Fee" is very fair and will help us to continue to promote your needs while helping finance our operating expenses.  When you pay for an "Advertorial" it is featured through our news feeds and garners added value through our editorial content distribution, but is classified as "Advertorial".  If you are a Business/Service or PR Agency and expect to submit "Advertorials for yourself or a client, we will also offer monthly, quarterly or yearly bundle packages (Rates for these will be posted on our new rate card.  So just to confirm exactly what the difference of an "Advertorial" and a "PR Release" are...

What exactly is an "Advertorial"?

An "Advertorial" is an article that promotes a business, product or service, with the intent to get readers to make a purchase or come to their website on a marketing basis. Basically, a sales pitch for marketing. For example, a real estate or home developer trying to interest readers in touring or buying homes.  We will offer a one-time free "Advertorial" for introduction of a new local business

What is an acceptable "PR Release"?

A "PR Release" is an article that spotlights something of editorial/general interest to the community, it might cover what a local company/business/service has contributed to a community project/non-profit/organization, or be news about education, non-profits, organizations, clubs, arts etc. but is not a sales pitch for marketing.  If in doubt, please submit in advance for editorial review and we will evaluate and get back to you.

Display Advertising Changes

We will offer a monthly Ad/Bundle package once again in 2018.  Our Big Deal Ad/Promo Bundle Special offers for $100 a month, a Promotional/Advertising Special.  We will run a 336x280 pixel display ad for a month (Yes, for only $25 a week) in our right column that will rotate throughout our site!  And as an added bonus, we will also throw in one "Advertorial" article during those thirty days (you provide copy and photo) for added exposure at no additional cost! Payment would be in advance, as soon as you confirm a schedule and provide content, we email you a Square invoice which you pay online, and as soon as that invoice is paid we post your ad.  You have the option of paying Monthly or Weekly, we can easily set up a recurring invoice to be sent to you.  If a payment is not made, the Ad will be pulled from the site.

A new Rate Card with other new ad sizes,Section Sponsorships and other options will be announced soon!

Our numbers make our online publication your best buy for local advertising to reach your customers and target market audience.  And to assure you reach as many potential customers as possible, our publication is "Responsive" and can be accessed by Computer, Smart Phone or Tablets, as well as part of your news briefing on your Amazon Alexa enabled devices.  More bang for your advertising dollar is assured with over 60% of The Paper readers now using their Smart Phone or Tablet to read our news 24/7!  To see how relevant our news coverage is in our coverage areas, go to Google News and type in one of our coverage areas (THE WOODLANDS, TX/ SPRING, TX/ CONROE, TX/ NORTH HOUSTON, TX) and you will find our local articles spotlighted regularly (another great added-exposure source that gives value and highlights your business branding to the community).

Please consider advertising in The Paper and help support Community Journalism.  We in turn, support our local businesses owners with reasonable rates and promotional support (Advertorials, featured articles, photos, etc.) and depend on advertising revenues to support our efforts.  Contact us to schedule space today at  713-364-3019 or 832-296-6887 (our Google phone account, if we are not available, leave a message and we will contact you back asap), or Click Here and email us through our contact form, and help The Paper to grow and to continue giving you the best hyper-local news coverage for The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe and North Houston areas!


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The Paper is an online-only Community Newspaper Serving The Woodlands, Spring,  & North Houston, Texas areas.  We Mash Traditional and New Media Journalism and have a staff of editors/journalists and community reporters/columnists who help us to bring timely and relevant content to our site on a 24/7 basis. 

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The Paper is a business model designed to explore and create new avenues of real-time online community news presentation and to implement affordable new avenues of advertising and promotional opportunities for local businesses to reach their target market audiences.

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