ADD/ADHD Learning Tips

Grade Power Learning, The Woodlands

The Woodlands, TX 11/7/15


ADD/ADHD and the Learning Experience


I can speak from experience about the often frustrating feelings a parent can have with an ADD/ADHD child. My son was diagnosed as both ADHD & Dyslexia in his Elementary School years. During that time, I struggled to find resources to help him and had to “go it alone” to find ways to manage the symptoms.

This was one of the primary reasons why GradePower Learning appealed to me from a human perspective. I know ADD/ADHD is a real thing. I know the frustration of both the child and parent in dealing with ADD/ADHD and the ongoing challenge it represents to academic progress.

I would like to share a few tips on ways you can manage ADD/ADHD and get your child on a path to academic success.

  1. Establish a school planner/organizer in Elementary School going forward. Use it, manage it, and discuss it nightly with your child. Create and maintain a daily checklist of “stuff that needs to get done”.
  2. Teach them how to take notes in class. ADD/ADHD affects auditory processing. Note taking is essential to “process” information.
  3. Move to the front (of class). ADD/ADHD kids sitting in the front row have far less distractions than those in the back.
  4. Don’t tackle too much homework or too long of a project. Work in bursts!
  5. Exercise, yep-get outside and moving around, go to a park, run around barefoot on the grass.

I understand there will be a lot more to this conversation. Program’s at Grade Power Learning can incorporate ADD/ADHD strategies into the academic planner. Give me a call or email if you have any questions or would like to receive future education tips via email.

GradePower Learning, The Woodlands is here to help. We are The Woodlands’ leading tutoring center offering programs for children ages 3-18 years of age. For more information, go to our website at or contact Kristal Kaidasz, Center Director at or (936) 271-1700.


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