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Fat Cat New Media Lunches New Format For The Paper

The Paper

Fat Cat New Media launched a total re-design and over haul of The Paper on April Fool's Day. The new format will allow for better navigation and "responsive" viewing on Smart Phones, Tablets & Desktop/laptop computers. In the next few months, Fat Cat will be launching two new publications for The Woodlands and Houston. Continuing their dream to create quality online publications that people will be talking about.


5 Tips for Designing a Customer-Focused Website

Creating and launching a new website is the product of thousands of hours of collaboration, dedication and hard work. Many marketers face the challenge of creating a customer-friendly website that helps visitors understand products or solutions, without over-inundating the customer with their brand image. To help your customers understand what you offer, you need to focus on a clear delivery with easy-to-understand product information.

If you're launching a new website for your small business, here are the five areas that can make your site more customer-focused.

Drupal “An Ideal Platform for eCommerce Websites”…

Drupal for eCommerce

Drupal is as Drupal Does, And Drupal Does it All!

If you compare your ecommerce site with a circus, than Drupal is no one gimmick pony. Just than simply being marvellous at one act in the show, Drupal CMS can carry the complete event. With more than 14,000 free modules, this open source can help you create Forums, blogs, photo galleries, intranets, new aggregators, reviews websites, social networks, wikis and CRM. If you can imagine it, Drupal can convert it into reality.

Retailers must have tablet-first Web experiences to be successful

Responsive Site Development

While tablet-driven sales were strong during the 2013 holiday shopping season, they could have been even higher if it were not for the fact that retailers continue to underinvest in tablet strategies, particularly when it comes to device-specific Web sites.

Retailers have made important gains over the past year in delivering tablet applications that meet the needs of these shoppers.  However, as sales of tablets begin to eclipe PC sales, retailers are hurting their chances to convert browsers into purchasers by delivering sites built for PCs first.


Tips for Business Websites...

A company website is the core of most local businesses’ online presence. In fact, more than half of all SMB online marketing service dollars are spent on the Web presence category, including Web design and hosting, according to a Borrell Associates study released late last year.

Yet, despite its central role, the vast majority of SMBs continue to struggle in developing a site that can be easily found in search and that provides the information, engagement and trust that consumers are looking for.