We are specialists in content for your digital marketing needs!

We are specialists in content for your digital marketing needs!

Small Business and Local Services are constantly thinking beyond simply marketing a product or service. Now, they must think and act more like journalists and content publishers to procure, write, share and measure content effectively. 

That's because content is now the central touch point to engage, educate and motivate your audiences to action across every type of platform and channel.  

Fat Cat New Media can help you acheive this goal by offering realistic services that produce results.  CEO Bob Gunner has worked in Houston Print and Electronic Media for over thiry years, and is skilled as a writer, news editor, web developer, content manager and new media tech specialist.  Content is still king, and we know the business quite well.

Fat Cat New Media's team brings deep expertise in developing message frameworks, content strategy and brand storytelling through new media public relations, marketing and digital programs.

We can create a schedule of content for your website (develop you one if you need it), social networks, blogs, etc.  Our contracts are simple, adaptable to your needs and affordable.  We always treat you with customer service that you expect.  If we feel that we are not a match for your digital marketing needs, we will be perfectly honest.  We believe that being honest and not making promises that cannot be met builds strong relationships and continued business.  So call us today with your needs and let us quote you on your project needs, or call Bob at 832-296-6887!