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Our content can help you to dominate the search engines!

No matter what your marketing and content needs require, Fat Cat New Media is your one-stop option for high quality content creation services for The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe and North Houston areas.

Owner Bob Gunner is an experienced journalist and content management specialist who has worked for major media outlets in the Houston-area, including The Houston Chronicle, Houston Community Newspapers, Clear Channel Radio, and Bayou City Media (publisher of Woodlands Online).  In October 2008, Bob launched his online community newspaper The Paper Magazine which now is read by 50,000+ readers a month, and so far in 2015 (as of July 1) has reached 1,349,773 Page Views!

In 2002, Bob was recognized by The Guardian UK as one of the first eBook publishers to publish and distribute original works on the Internet (http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2002/jan/03/ebooks.technology) and his initial business model of ePublication Distribution was used by author Stephen King when he published 'The Plant' as an eBook.

The world’s largest and most successful brands are turning to content as a major part of the marketing mix. The reality is, content isn’t just a part of the mix anymore; it’s the foundation for long-term, successful online marketing.

At Fat Cat New Media, we’re not just marketing specialists. You get seasoned journalists and editors. Published authors. We create custom content programs — from content strategy to execution — that can serve as the backbone for all of your brand’s online efforts. We create content that establishes thought leadership and connects your brand with the issues you care about and the audiences you want to reach. We create content that deserves to dominate search results for related keywords and topics.
So, What Content Can We Create For Your Business?

Fat Cat New Media can produce the content your business needs to reach your audiences and propel your marketing campaigns. And we offer an array of content creation services, including (but not restricted to):

    Blog posts: Published several times/week, blog posts showcase thought leadership by positioning your brand as an expert on the issues, news, and trends that influence your business and your customers. Blog posts lay the foundation for long-term online and search engine visibility. Learn more about our approach to professional blogging here.
    White Papers & Guides: The most effective white papers and industry guides offer readers an in-depth and highly beneficial explanation of a topic that directly relates to their needs. If executed properly, white papers and guides can be an excellent lead generation tool.
    eBooks: Similar to white papers and guides but more robust, eBooks should fill a content gap in your field, and should strive to be the best content available on that subject. eBooks can also be distributed – for free or for sale – via platforms like Amazon Kindle and iBooks.
    Case Studies: There’s no better way to convey your company’s capabilities and expertise than with content-rich case studies that offer a detailed look into your services and the experiences of your customers. Case studies demonstrate how your company solves problems and adds value. They not only help attract visitors to your site, but they’re also an effective sales tool. Case studies can propel a prospect to take action.
    Newsletters: The problem with most corporate newsletters is that, well, they just aren’t newsworthy. Fat Cat New Media newsletters, on the other hand, focus on providing valuable news and highlights tailored for your subscribers. Newsletters keep your audiences informed on a regular basis, and can drive significant traffic back to your site.

So it does not matter if you’re looking for a one-time content project, or an ongoing content marketing program, Fat Cat New Media has the expertise to produce expert-level content, and harness that content for lasting results.

Fat Cat New Media combines professional journalism with intelligent SEO to create custom content programs that move the needle. Want to learn more about how we can help your brand establish thought leadership and dominate search with powerful content? Contact us today and let us know about your project needs for a free no-obligation quote at:  832-296-6887, fatcatnewmedia@gmail.com, or by filling out the contact form at: http://fatcatwebproductions.com/FatCatNewMediaServicesNewSite/contact# .