We Can Develop You A Business Or Service Website That Meets Your Budget!

We offer responsive web development!

Fat Cat New Media understands the importance of having a dependable and effective website for your small business or service that is both mobile-ready and affordable, that is why we offer everything from HTML to a Content Management System-Based site set-up and annual maintenance of that site at very affordable prices.  Nomatter if you need a CMS-based site that you can maintain yourself after set-up from a back-end administration, or if you need us to build and handle all revisions and additions on a monthly basis, we have a plan to fit your needs.

All of the sites we develop are 'responsive,' meaning they are viewable on desktop and laptop computers, smart phones and tablets.

Depending on your SEO needs, our CMS sites built in Drupal, Joomla! or Wordpress (a bit more expensive to develop than a static site done in HTML & CSS) might be your best choice.  CMS sites are database backed sites that are upgradable and offer a wide selection of interactive modules that can help you to present multimedia content and allow you to collect information for marketing purposes.

Basic Static sites begin at $500, and CMS-based at $1000, depending on project needs, additional cost may be involved.

Annual Hosting and Domain registration costs are extra.

We realize that when your running a business, time is valuable, and we are available by phone 24/7 to evaluate your needs and give you a quote on your project.  To keep our rates inexpensive, we do require payment in advance, and when you agree to have us develop a site, we send you an email invoice through our Square payment account.  As soon as the invoice is paid, we begin work on the project (completion depends on the complexity of the project, but a simple five-page project can be completed in 1-2 weeks).

If the project requires a premium theme, graphic creation, logo creation, special modules other than those we include as part of our set-up package, content writing, etc., we do charge extra for these services.  Samples of some of our previous projects are available as you browse through this site.

Interested?  Send us an email from the form in the left column or call Bob Gunner at: 832-296-6887.