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eBook And Print-On-Demand Marketing Services...

Our Experienced staff can help promote your book on Social Media and to Major Media Outlets.

eBook Editing, Publishing Services... Electronic eReaders like the Kindle, Smart Phones and Tablets are “the wave of the future.” The future is now here, and eBook creation, publishing, and distribution should be an important consideration as you prepare your book for publishing. Today, having your book only available in print will reach just half of your available audience, so you’ll want to increase your sales by having your book available in any format your potential readers prefer!

Fat Cat ePublishing Services has been at the forefront of the eBook explosion, recognizing and embracing electronic publishing when the format was in its infancy. We have grown along with the eBook publishing industry, expanding and augmenting our services to offer a comprehensive package of electronic book creation and distribution services. We offer editing, file conversion and book cover creation, just about anything you need to self-publish your eBook. Contact us for a quote today!

Your Printed-On-Demand Book... eBooks are great. But there’s nothing like seeing your own work in high quality print! The great thing about the latest printing and binding technology is that your ‘print run’ can start with as few as one – and your book can be on sale online in a matter of days! And we think you’ll be amazed by the quality of the finished product. We offer a multitude of formats from hardback to trade paperback, large format, color or black and white interiors, different paper types, illustrated. Bob Gunner is an eBook Pioneer (see: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2002/jan/03/ebooks.technology) and we have over 12 years experience as well producing printed books for the POD industry, and that means you’re in the most experienced, capable and talented hands.  Call for a quote today at: 832-296-6887