The Dark Cowboy is back, making a cameo in the new Kindle eBook "Labor Pool" to be released in 2017

More stories featuring The Dark Cowboy, coming soon!
More stories featuring The Dark Cowboy, coming soon!

Well, I know it has been a while since I have updated the site, but believe me, I have been quite a busy bee the past year.  I have recently finished a new eBook of shorts to be published in late 2017 called: Labor Pool, and our weird-western hero The Dark Cowboy (From my novella Reflections of a Dead Cowboy) will be making a cameo appearance in one of the stories, so keep an eye out for it on (And buy the original book at: .

Also be watching for the release of the next Dark Cowboy Saga novella The Day After San Jacinto.  This time around, he finds himself pulled through a time travel portal on an out-of-this world mission to stop an asassination that could change the future.

I also have several new screenplays in various genres about ready to submit to production companies, so come back and visit.  I promise to update more often ; )