Putting A New Book To Bed...

Labor Pool - A New Connected Collection of Short Fiction by Bob Gunner.
Labor Pool - A New Connected Collection of Short Fiction by Bob Gunner.

The best part of being a serious writer is when you finish a new book and put it to bed.  Today, I did just that.  Labor Pool is a connected collection of short fiction that takes you on a frightening journey of being forced by need to work temporary jobs to survive.

The book will first be available as a Amazon Kindle eBook, and shortly thereafter as Hardcover and paperback versions.

I am always asked; "Where do you get ideas for your books, and make them so believable?  Truth is, just like in the instance of this book, I took my life experiences and with the help of my wild and crazy imagination spun these dark tales out of them.

Like many of you, at certain times in my life, I had to do a lot of things I really did not like doing.  But I had to pay bills and food and buy baby formula and diapers for my kids, so I held my chin high and did any work I could get.

During those hard times, I took my experiences and began to simmer a pot of literary soup in my minds-eye that over days or months or years turned into these shorts.

Yes, I actually worked about a year or so for a Labor Pool, and also this book is my way of paying them back for that nasty mixture of hard labor experiences and those measly daily pay checks that I was still thankful for.

If you want to be a good writer, write about things you know about or have experienced, and maybe someday you too will put your book to bed!  Have a great day!