"Path Of The Storm" - A New Paranormal/Mystery Screenplay

"Path Of The Storm" a new screenplay coming soon!
"Path Of The Storm" a new screenplay coming soon!

A week of living through Hurricane Harvey's devastation (which luckily for me did not impact me, but did so many of my friends), I found myself going back to my working project archives to find an almost complete screenplay I began writing about ten years ago and had put on the back burner.  "Path Of The Storm" was inspired by several Gulf Coast storms I have experienced durin my 62 years, and my love for telling a frightening and suspenseful tale every once in a while.

I often find myself putting writings aside, but always keeping them in the attic of my brain, slowly simmering like a good bowl of chili, until I finally finish them.

This particular story intertwines elements of an old Hitchcock film and a ghost story of sorts.  The setting is a Hospice locked down during a major hurricane, with just a few patients and their families.  It also has elements of an old noir detective story.

I have a special fondness for the characters in this project as well, and that makes the writing much easier.  Would love to see this feature made and be a part of filming it somewhere down the line.